1824 Quaker Pamphlet on the African Slave Trade

“It is greatly to be regretted, that among all the
benevolent and laudable exertions for meliorating the
condition of man which characterize the present day,
so little has been done, or is now doing, towards informing
the public mind in this county, upon the subject of this
nefarious and cruel occupation….we rejoice in the persuasion,
that the real character and effects of the slave trade as
it now exists, need only to be published through our country,
to raise one general feeling of abhorrence, and to around
men of liberal and enlightened minds, to devote their time
and talents in procuring the abolition of a traffic replete
with the deepest guilt in its prosecution, and whose design
is the unconditional and cruel bondage of thousands of
rational beings, equally entitled with ourselves to the
enjoyment of all the blessings, the comforts and the
privileges of life.”

This pamphlet, published by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for
Sufferings, reviews the American and British laws concerning the
slave trade, gives extracts from various letters documenting the
ongoing trafficking in African slaves, and summarizes the status of
slave trading in France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, United States.
Also included are letters concerning the formation of a settlement
on the African coast for the reception of liberated African slaves.

The report is comprehensive and detailed, with many
extracts from first hand accounts and original reports.

A View of the Present State of the African Slave Trade.
Published by Direction of a Meeting Representing the
Religious Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, &c.

Philadelphia: William Brown, Printer, 1824. [Smith I:767]
African Slave Trade
69 page pamphlet, plain blue paper covers, paper and
covers are browned, foxed, and damp-stained,
owner name on front cover and title page,
some edges chipped and corners bent, good.
$150. including postage in the US and insurance.

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