Francis Howgill’s Works

Francis Howgill (1618-1668) was a prominent early Quaker in England. He was born in a farming community in Westmorland and made his living as a farmer and a tailor. He studied Anglican theology, but was dissatisfied with what he saw as the superstition in their teachings. He then explored the teachings of the Anabaptists, the Independents, and the Seekers.

In 1652 he heard George Fox preach on Firbank Fell and joined with Fox’s followers. Soon after his convincement, Howgill was imprisoned in Appleby-in-Westmorland for following his Quaker beliefs. Later, he and Edward Burrough became close friends. They spead the gospel message in Bristol and Ireland and established the Religious Society of Friends in London.

When the Quakers in London came under the influence of James Nayler, Howgill tried unsuccessfully to bring about a reconciliation with Nayler and Fox. Howgill was imprisoned again in Appleby for several years.He died while still in prison.

Howgill is considered one of the Valiant Sixty, a group of men and women who were early proponents of Friends beliefs and who suffered for those beliefs. He wrote extensively in epistles, theological tracts, and doctrinal works. His writings were collected after his death, and published in 1676 in one volume. The book includes his account of his early religious experience in “The Inheritance of Jacob discovered after his return out of Egypt.”We offer for sale, a first edition of this important work by one of the most influential of the first Friends.

Howgill, Francis. The Dawnings of the Gospel Day, and Its Light and Glory Discovered: by a Faithful and Valiant Follower of the Lamb, and Labourer in the Work and Service of God, and a Sufferer for the Testimony of Jesus, Francis Howgill, Who Dyed a Prisoner for the Truth in Appleby Goal in the County of Westmerland, the Twentieth Day of the Eleventh Moneth, One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty-Eight. Printed in the Year 1676. No publisher stated.

736 pages plus index. 4to (about 11 ½” tall.) A fine looking book, rebound with lightly edge worn leather spine and corners, raised bands on the spine, green and tan marbled paper boards, new endpapers, pages foxed and lightly browned, missing the first leaf (in photocopy), several pages soiled from an earlier flower pressed inside.

$750.00 (postpaid in the US, $30 for overseas shipping.)

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