Overstock Sale — Books by D. Elton Trueblood

Elton Trueblood was a professor of philosophy at Earlham College, a charismatic and popular speaker, and author of numerous books and articles. He had a special distinction as an interpreter of religious philosophy for everyman since the publication in 1944 of his first best seller, The Predicament of Modern Man.


We have in stock multiple copies of many of his works. Condition varies but most are good, moderately worn, used books. Some copies may have names or a few owner markings; some have dust jackets.

The price, including media rate shipping in the US is $8.00. Mix and match – each additional volume is $5.00. (Subject to prior sale – quantities are limited.)

1. Alternative to Futility A prescription for restoring the health of civilization hrough a “redemptive fellowship.”

2. The Common Ventures of Life: Marriage, Birth, Work, Death. Helps the reader realize thevalues in richer living which lie hidden in these common experiences.

3. The Company of the Committed. A bold and imaginative re-thinking of the church in contemporary life.

4. The Declaration of Freedom Penetrating insights about the faith, hope and responsibility of free men and the deepest foundations of liberty, equality, and human dignity.

5. Foundations for Reconstruction. How to build an enduring moral order: new interpretations of old commandments.

6. The Future of the Christian. The spiritual hunger of modern man is so deep, that the immediate future of the Christian faith may be brighter than we have dared to suppose.

7. The Incendiary Fellowship. Trueblood shows how the church can be set aflame today as it was in the first century of Christianity.

8. The Life We Prize. “Can America meet the challenge of communism?” (Written in 1951)

9. New Man for Our Time. “For Christians seeking the union of inner peace and outer service so needed in our world today.”

10. A Place to Stand. A practical guide to Christian faith as a solid point from which to operate in contemporary living.

11. The Philosophy of Religion. Develops and expounds the essentials of a philosophy which enables men and women to be both intellectually honest and sincerely devout.

12. The Predicament of Modern Man. A genuine religious faith may close the breach between spiritual growth and technical progress.

13. The Recovery of Family Life. The family can be saved and this book tells how.

14. Signs of Hope in a Century of Despair. This book lays a solid foundation for a sensible, genuinely Christian optimism.

15. The Validity of the Christian Mission. This book deals broadly with Christianity as a mission faith and challenges the idea that the mission effort is obsolete.

16. While It is Day: An Autobiography. “A warm and nostalgic, sincere and moving story of one man’s spiritual and intellectual pilgrimage.”

17. The Yoke of Christ and Other Sermons. The Christian gospel can make a tremendous difference when it becomes relevant to the daily lives of ordinary men and women.

18. Your Other Vocation. “He sees every occupation as a form of Christian ministry, a way of being a co-worker with God in building the kind of world which is inaccordance with His will.”

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